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Mammal Music is a Sydney multi-media company created by composer/producer John Prior offering comprehensive production services at Unity Gain Studios including composition, arrangement, orchestration, recording, mixing, editing, mastering, fx, voice-overs, video production, photography, website design, management and promotion.

Mammal represents: Matt Finish with Ric Herbert; The Oz Rock Roadshow with Mark Gable, Angry Anderson, Mick Pealing, Steve Mulry, Bob Spencer, Dai Pritchard, Justin Bianchi, John Prior; and Samantha Cartwright. Recent artist productions: Eddie Brown, Love Child, Sacred Cow, Ray Husband, This Year, Peter Colleer; commercial works: Australian Government, Deloitte, Coca-Cola, AFTRS, MTV, New Theatre, Levi's, Toyota and Barnardos.

© Mammal Music Pty Ltd & Unity Gain Studios 2014.